For any queries about these works, please fill out the form on the Contact page. All timings given are approximates.


Hypatia (2018) – concerto for solo oboe, singers, and orchestra (2,CA,2,2,2,2,0,0,timp.,perc,harp,SSAA,str.) (15’30”)

Light Through Sand (2020-2021) – for orchestra (3,3,3,2,4,3,3,1,timp.,3perc.,harp,str.) (7’50”)

Stones have memory here… (2022) – for orchestra (2 (incl.picc),1,CA,2 (incl. bcl.)2,2,2,2,1,timp.,2perc,harp,str.) (7’40”)

Water Portraits (2019) – concerto for solo guitar and string orchestra (25′)


a ceiling full of stars (2019) – for alto flute and fixed electronics (9’30”) (also available for treble recorder and electronics)

Ave atque vale (2021) – for string quintet and recitation (8′)

Chariots, Death, Jewels, and the Moon (2022) – for chamber ensemble and electronics (flute, tenor recorder and synth./robo-recorder, horn in F, violin) (5’40”)

Constellations (2017) – for wind quintet (fl., ob., cl., horn in F/alto sax., bsn) (6′)

Elegy (2014) – for violin and piano (4′)

Extend the Dawn (2021) – for oboe and electronics (12′)

Flight from Ashes (2016) – for violin and piano (10′)

The Force that Binds Us (2017) – for clarinet in B-flat, viola, and piano (6′)

Monkeys and Typewriters (2018) – for string quartet (7’30”)

Pantheon (2018) – for doubling wind quintet (9′) (required instruments: piccolo, flute, alto flute, oboe, cor anglais, clarinet in B-flat, bass clarinet in B-flat, soprano sax., alto sax., tenor sax., baritone sax., bassoon)

Sails like Cloud, Waves of Memory (2018) – for bassoon, trumpet in B-flat, piano, violin, viola, and cello (8′)

Settle (2017) – for solo flute (7’30”)

A Small, Intimate Gesture (2018) – for solo viola (5′)

Solaris (2018) – for flute and cello (7′)

This Morn of Snow (2017) – for clarinet in B-flat and viola (4’30”)

Triptych (2018) – for flute and violin (10′)

Upon (2021) – seven miniatures for piano (8′)

Upon The Horizon, Breathe (2020) – miniature for piano (1′)

Vortex (2018) – for guitar and cello (7’30”)


After this manner (2020) – for SSATB voices (3’40”)

Gray pilgrim, you have journeyed far (2018) – for unaccompanied upper voices (SSSAAA) (3′)

In dreams they look on thee (2017) – for unaccompanied SATB choir (3’30”)

I Cannot Go (2018) – for soprano and alto soloists and SATB choir (4′)

We Are Apart (2018) – for unaccompanied SATB choir (3′)

To Night, At Dawn (2017) – for SSAATTBB choir and piano (11’30”)

Two Teasdale Songs (2018-2019) – for mezzo soprano and piano (8’30”)


Bounce (2020) – a percussion and piano groove track. Please contact if you wish to use it. (2’18”)

Drive Museum (2018) – a groove driven track using synths, strings, and percussion. Please contact if you wish to use it. (1’30”)

Multiple Binary Stars (2020) – a synth driven track, with multiple rhythmic cells working against one another. Please contact if you with to use it.

Once There Were Giants (2020) – commissioned by National Museum Wales – Amgueddfa Cymru for the opening of Dippy the Diplodicus. This is a brass and synth track, with a majestic feel. Please contact if you wish to use it.¬† (Available in 3’30”, 3′, and 1’30” versions)

Reflective Pools (2017) – an ambient, synth and arpeggio driven track. Please contact if you wish to use it. (2′)

Something Is Out There (2017) – an atmospheric, synth driven, electronic track. Please contact if you wish to use it. (2’30”)

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